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Sit back, buckle up and put your golf cart trays in their full upright position. Shit’s about to get crazy.

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Non Pro Golf is born!

Non Pro Golf was created out of frustration and despair....and probably a touch of boredom. After scouring the internet to find a reliable, consistent source of golf information, golf lessons and swing tips it occurred to me that it just doesn't exist.

Yes we can click through random article after random article on the other sites but let's be honest: it's just regurgitated information that we've seen countless times before.

Non Pro Golf wants to change that!

We want to be a place all non-professional and amateur golfers can come together to learn, laugh communicate and collaborate. NPG strives to bring you the best and most up to date golf tips, lessons and reviews with a humorous twist.

So sit back, buckle up and put your golf cart trays in their full upright position. Shit's about to get crazy.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Well if you took the time to read above you would know that we aim to turn the golfing world on its head! Ok not really but hopefully you find the content here useful and entertaining.

Of course it’s free! What do you take us for some kind of shady back alley organization? Ok don’t answer that.

All of the golf blogs, news sites and articles that have failed us in the past. If you’re anything like us (and let’s face, obviously you are) you’re sick of seeing the same content and scrolling through the same articles.

There is no catch.

Except you. You’re a catch.

You can except to be bombarded with humorous and relevant golf tips, information, reviews, posts, infographics and any other shenanigans we can get into!


january 2020

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We have new posts coming up soon, promise! It’s not like we have a kid to raise, a Master’s degree to obtain, a full time job to try and not get fired from (as I type this from work) and a house to buy (if I don’t get fired from work). Cut a guy some slack. Shit.